My Sister Circle is committed to creating an environment that encourages healthy relationships between women of all ages. Through mentorship, monthly programming and community service, MSC aspires to strengthen and educate women of all ages on their importance to society and the significance of the influence they have on one another. Utilizing a “reach forward, give back” approach to relationship building, MSC is structured to ensure that all participants are able to build relationships with women in various stages in life, as well as maintain personal accountability while serving as a role model to younger women. MSC emphasizes the importance of faith, education/professionalism, community service, financial responsibility, and health at any age and incorporates the value of self love into all aspects of programming.  


To provide the resources to encourage healthy relationships between women of all ages; by focusing on the key areas of faith, financial responsibility, education/professionalism, health, community service and self worth.  


My Sister Circle will be a program based organization that focuses on fostering positive relationships between women of all ages.