Executive Leadership

  Patricia Watts-Davison was born and raised in Detroit Michigan. Patricia was born the second oldest of eight children. "I have always felt the need to nurture and protect. I have always felt that I wanted more out of life. I also feel that if you want to better yourself all you have to do is put your mind to it and do it. You have to stick to it and never give up.” Patricia graduated from Highland Park Community College with an Associate’s degree in Science and Associate’s degree in Nursing. Patricia furthered her education at Wayne State University in Detroit, where she obtained a Bachelors of Arts degree in Nursing.  Patricia is an experienced nursing professional, having worked as a registered nurse at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit for more than 20 years. Patricia passionately accredits her need to nurture and protect patients and fellow coworkers to her longevity in healthcare. Patricia has spent the last 10 years of her career in a managerial role, supervising over 70 employees. Patricia is the mother of two children, both products of the Detroit Public School System.  Both children hold Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in engineering and business administration, and work in the automotive and healthcare industries. “Education has and will always be a priority in our life.”


  Kalea Sanders-Wright is a wife and mother of two children. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Kalea is a product of the Detroit Public School System; having graduated from Martin Luther King Jr. Sr. High School in 2002.  Kalea furthered her education and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and a Master’s Degree in Administration of Justice from the University of Phoenix. Currently, Kalea is employed as an Adult Probation Officer for the Michigan Department of Corrections. Kalea was also employed as a Correctional Officer for the Michigan Department of Corrections with assignments at Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility and Camp White Lake Women’s Correctional Facility, where she facilitated a Women’s Issues Support Group for inmates soon to be released into society. “I believe women spend so much time fighting and competing with each other, that they completely miss out on the lessons and valuable experiences that can be shared with their sisters.  In my profession, I have witnessed a lot of women self-destruct. It is heartbreaking to see so many women ruin themselves and their futures due to jealousy, envy, and what boils down to ignorance. I believe that we can do better and that WE can and should help each other to do better.” ____________________________________________________________________________________________________   Stephanie Jacques brings a variety of skills to programming planning within My Sister Circle, including strategic planning, health promotion programming, and evaluation methodology. Stephanie is passionate about mentoring young girls and offering nuggets of wisdom drawn from her own personal experiences, as well as, those closest to her. “The women in my life are phenomenal.  My close female friends are my family. Unfortunately, every woman does not have this luxury. My dream is through MSC we can build the foundation of what positive friendships and relationships look like among women and how to sustain them throughout life.“ Stephanie was born and raised in Detroit, MI and graduated from ML King High School She received her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan in 2008. After graduation she joined Teach For America and taught elementary students for 3 years in the Atlanta public school system. In April 2013, she will receive a MPH from the University of Michigan - School of Public Health with a concentration in Health Behavior Health Education.